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Retirement Consulting

Offering a retirement plan to your employees can be one of the most rewarding decisions an employer can make. Not only do your employees and their beneficiaries receive a benefit that is a crucial component in their retirement planning, but the employer can benefit as well. 

Here are some common ways:

  • Receive significant tax advantages for the owners and their business
  • Design a benefit package that is competitive to better recruit top talent
  • Structure a compensation plan to reward departments/employees based on productivity
  • Create an opportunity for the owners to save for their own retirement while closely monitoring safe harbor rules to ensure that you are maximizing your ability to contribute in a tax efficient manner

Did you know that as a plan sponsor, you have an obligation to your employees to carry out certain important responsibilities because you are acting as a fiduciary on behalf of the participants? 

Wesfair Advisory can help you carry out your fiduciary and compliance responsibility, all while providing the following services:

  • Construct a retirement plan and investment policy
  • Select an investment lineup that is low cost and diverse
  • Monitor investments using quantitative and qualitative measures 
  • Assist in the preparation of key documentation used to support regulatory filings
  • Review third-party administrator (TPA) and recordkeeper to ensure competitive pricing and quality service
  • Provide on-site market updates and frequent virtual office hours to field investment related queries from employees